1. Customizing Your Roofing Project: Materials

    When you first determine that you need a new roof, you’re probably not very thrilled. But there are now plenty of really interesting types of shingles and materials that can make your entire home look new without having to give your home an entire facelift. Like a new haircut, this new roof has the potential to make your home look fresh and new without too much elbow grease. There are many to ch…Read More

  2. What is Closed Valley and Open Valley Roofing Construction?

    If you look at the roof of your house, you might take note of some details. You may acknowledge of the shape and angles, but mainly, you’ll notice it just looks like a bunch of shingles to you. You’re not a specialist—you don’t have to know anything else about roofs other than how to spot a leak and find someone to repair it. However, when hiring a roofing contractor, you might want to und…Read More

  3. Home Improvement Trends In 2018: Roofing and More

    It’s easy to get bored of a house you’ve been in a for a long time. However, your home is as much an investment as it is a place to live. Thus, keeping it interesting and enjoyable to live in is a very wise choice. While some home improvements can be incredibly practical and add significant value to your home, others add style and interest. If you’re hoping to sell your home in a few years y…Read More

  4.  Charleston Roofing Innovations: Flat Roofing Systems Part 2

    Flat roofs can be extremely charming on your Charleston home. They can double as patios and have significant longevity to offer. In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits of the BUR option which is the oldest flat roofing option. But this is not the only option available for flat-roofed homes. After some discontentment with our previously mentioned method, there came modified bitumen in the …Read More

  5. Charleston Roofing Innovations: Flat Roofing Systems

    As we’re sure you know, roofs take quite a bit of abuse and need maintenance from time to time. So the design of your roof is very crucial to how much of a beating your roof is actually taking and what it’s repelling. The roofing systems you’re used to seeing are built to lessen the strain on the roof. You’ll notice that asphalt shingles and tiles are all formed like fish scales, and that…Read More

  6. Bring Value to Your Home

    When looking to add value to your house, many people jump to the conclusion of new flooring or a finished basement. And while that’s totally an option, there's so much you can do with the exterior of your home. This is an extreme benefit when it comes time to sell your house because people certainly judge the book by the cover and your house will be no different. So when looking into updating yo…Read More

  7. Roofing Innovations Pioneered by Asphalt

    Believe it or not, there are actually trends in roofing. Lately, people are looking for greener, more energy efficient roofs and asphalt has been the driving power behind these innovations. Being a recyclable material, it’s no wonder that asphalt is the leading man in these literally greener pastures. With asphalt, roofers have been able to bring forth things like reflective roofs and vegetated …Read More

  8. How a Deck Will Add Value to your Life

    Besides getting the opportunity to realize a return on your investment, decks offer so much to your time in your house. While a house is an investment in the monetary sense, it’s also a home and holds a sentimental investment as well as a time investment. Why not spend your time enjoying your home and live the best life you can in it. Building a deck could have quite a bit of value in the way yo…Read More

  9. Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Siding

    Just as your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home’s structure, so is the siding. Whether your home’s exterior is brick, wood, or vinyl, that outer layer is what protects your home’s foundation and the interior structure of the walls. So, as soon as something starts going wrong with your siding, it could lead to a lot of structural issues within your home. Many of the sig…Read More

  10. How to Estimate Roofing Costs

    If your roof has made it to twenty years old, you should be congratulated! Either that or you may want to take the time to double check that nothing has gone wrong. The typical asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of about twenty years, but that can vary pretty widely depending on local climate and weather events. So, if your roof has made it all the way to twenty, that’s a pretty awesome accompl…Read More