1. A Guide to Considering Skylights and Roof Windows – Part 2

    If you’ve been pondering how a skylight would affect your Mount Pleasant home, we’re here to enlighten you. As your resident roofing experts, we’re totally familiar with the kind of roofing environment you’d need in the first place to be able to have a skylight and we understand why you’d want to have one. Letting in more natural light helps your interior space look sharper, with clearer…Read More

  2. A Guide to Considering Skylights and Roof Windows

    If you live in Mount Pleasant, you’re familiar with all of the little architectural flairs folks add to their homes. From columns to make their house more antebellum in style to their home to crown molding in the living room, southerners are known for putting emphasis on the classic beauty of our architecture. The tradition probably stems from the old southern style that started the trend of ent…Read More

  3. The Key To Sustainable Roofing In Mount Pleasant – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Kramer Construction blog. We’re proud to offer you a new look at the sustainable and durable options for your Mount Pleasant home’s roof. In our previous blog, we explored the ideas behind metal and clay tile roofing. In the following blog, we’ll start to evaluate the durability and therefore feasibility of how worthy a material is for your roofing system. Evaluate The Ma…Read More

  4. The Key To Sustainable Roofing In Mount Pleasant

    If you’re looking into getting a new roof, you’re probably overwhelmed. There’s no planning for the financial burden of a new roof, there’s just suddenly needing one. Even starting to think about re-roofing can be a daunting prospect. Your roof is a highly visible portion of your house, so if you’re hoping to put your home on the market any time soon, you’ll need to put that money firs…Read More

  5. The Green Roofing Contractor’s Secret To Success- Part 3

    Kramer Construction understands the issues that come along with needing a roofing replacement rather than a roofing repair. Whether you had a roofing contractor diagnose your roof as terminal, or you figure it’s been over 50 years and it’s about time to invest in the upgrade, it can be daunting to sort through all of the information about roofing out there. From slate to composite slate, and f…Read More

  6. The Green Roofing Contractor’s Secret To Success- Part 2

    If you’ve just received a critical diagnosis for your home’s roof, we understand how your thoughts can start to race. Now you have to worry about the expense of replacing your roof rather than just repairing it. Now you’ll need to research a new roofing material or go with plain old asphalt shingles. Now you’ll have to search out the best roofing contractors in Mount Pleasant, and you'll h…Read More

  7. The Green Roofing Contractor’s Secret To Success

    At Kramer Construction in Mount Pleasant, we believe in keeping the earth around for as long as possible. Choosing roofing materials can be a daunting and complicated decision and we’re aware that choosing a roofing material that’s actually sustainable, durable and attractive is a whole other hurdle. Most homeowners in the Mount Pleasant area try to shop for roofing materials and (understandab…Read More

  8. The Asbestos Shingle: The Weird Dangers of Roofing

    Most folks have no idea what an asbestos shingle is. To put it simply, it’s a roofing shingle made of asbestos — the building material that will give you lung cancer faster than you can say “what?” It’s nasty stuff and it turns out to be quite prevalent all because of Ludwig Hatschek. He was known as an entrepreneur back in the year 1900. He made asbestos materials widely popular when he…Read More

  9. Customizing Your Roofing Project: Materials Part 4

    If you’re still preparing and researching your options surrounding your next Charleston roofing project, we believe we can help. Be sure to reference our previous blogs in this series to review roofing materials like traditional wood shingles, asphalt and even composite slate shingles. But if you still haven't found something that suits your individual tastes yet, we still have a couple more sug…Read More

  10. Customizing Your Roofing Project: Materials Part 3

    When you’re approaching a roofing project for your Charleston home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With constantly evolving styles and materials, keeping up with what will look best as well as what will be in vogue can set your head spinning. With a bit of guidance, though, you’ll be able to narrow down what suits your home’s style and your own character best. We’ll discuss the versatilit…Read More