Solar roofing makes us all feel like we live in the future. There’s something special about driving by a home or business with solar panels all over the roof that just makes the air smell fresher and everyone feel greener. If it has a bolstering effect just walking by, think of how rewarding it is to put your green foot forward and get a solar paneled roof for your own home? It’s worth more than the significant ROI you’ll get by no longer paying for public utilities, we can tell you that much.

Traditional Solar Panels

Solar panels are simplistic in their idea: they’re harvesting one of the best renewable resources available and turning that into fresh energy for you and even your neighbors to use. Sure, you’ll need to invest in all electric appliances to get the full effect. By that, we mean no longer paying anything into your utility company besides your water bill. In fact, solar energy can be converted into heat that can be used for your home, your swimming pools and even power a variety of outdoor lighting and living space fixtures, including your RV. Depending on what kind of solar panels you’re looking to get, they’ll all be comprised of PVS, or rather they’re referred to photovoltaic panels. They have an efficiency of around 15 percent which is pretty high, as even the top performing plants can only convert sun energy at around 3 percent.

The Solar Roofing Alternative

The biggest jump forward in the industry hasn’t been the panels on your roof themselves, but Tesla’s solar roofing tiles. They consist of glass solar shingles that take the sun’s energy and convert it into usable energy while also rendering your roof more aesthetically pleasing than it was with even asphalt shingles. They look and shimmer much the same as the original slate tiles do on a roof, which is, arguably, one of the most attractive roofing options available. Tesla’s solar-powered pieces actually hook up to a paired Powerwall battery that’s a rechargeable lithium-ion battery storage system that’s as state-of-the-art as every other piece of tech Tesla rolls out. This battery has the ability to power a home entirely no matter what time of day, which is remarkable as much of the gaps in solar roofing have been the reserves of power as well as the ability to make that power last throughout the day.

Making Money On Solar

The return on your investment is only limited by your own imagination. Most areas provide the option for you to connect your solar paneling and energy reserve to the grid. This allows you to take advantage of the concept of “net metering” which is how you’ll be able to sell back the extra power you don’t use (believe us, you’ll have plenty of it) to the utility company. Instead of owing them a balance, they’ll owe you a balance. The folks in California have committed to this so successfully that the utility companies are being forced to look for ways to make money other than providing energy for citizens home use. They’re rolling out industrial charging stations for electric vehicles all over the state since they’ve ended up owing more citizens more money than they can bear to and still make a profit.

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