1. The Low-Down On Solar Power Roofing

    Solar roofing makes us all feel like we live in the future. There’s something special about driving by a home or business with solar panels all over the roof that just makes the air smell fresher and everyone feel greener. If it has a bolstering effect just walking by, think of how rewarding it is to put your green foot forward and get a solar paneled roof for your own home? It’s worth more th…Read More

  2. A Guide to Considering Skylights and Roof Windows – Part 3

    Contemplating an addition to your home? One of the biggest potential sellers and improvements for every home is natural lighting. Installing fresh windows into a room essentially means shutting off that room entirely until the work is done which depends on two factors, your funds and the workman’s desire to get it done sooner rather than later. So how do you tap into more natural lighting in you…Read More

  3. The Asbestos Shingle: The Weird Dangers of Roofing

    Most folks have no idea what an asbestos shingle is. To put it simply, it’s a roofing shingle made of asbestos — the building material that will give you lung cancer faster than you can say “what?” It’s nasty stuff and it turns out to be quite prevalent all because of Ludwig Hatschek. He was known as an entrepreneur back in the year 1900. He made asbestos materials widely popular when he…Read More

  4. Customizing Your Roofing Project: Materials Part 4

    If you’re still preparing and researching your options surrounding your next Charleston roofing project, we believe we can help. Be sure to reference our previous blogs in this series to review roofing materials like traditional wood shingles, asphalt and even composite slate shingles. But if you still haven't found something that suits your individual tastes yet, we still have a couple more sug…Read More

  5. Customizing Your Roofing Project: Materials Part 3

    When you’re approaching a roofing project for your Charleston home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With constantly evolving styles and materials, keeping up with what will look best as well as what will be in vogue can set your head spinning. With a bit of guidance, though, you’ll be able to narrow down what suits your home’s style and your own character best. We’ll discuss the versatilit…Read More

  6. Responsible, Sustainable Charleston Roofing

    At Kramer Construction, we understand the importance of finding a roofing material that you believe in. You’ll have to believe in the power of its longevity, believe it’ll do the architecture justice. Apart from painting your house, your roof will be one of the more visible pieces that make up the composition of your home’s exterior. It’s a decision that takes a little more consideration t…Read More

  7. Customizing Your Roofing Project: Materials Part 2

    Welcome back to Kramer Construction blog! We intend to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the roofing materials you can use on your next home improvement project. The perfect way to give your house a new look without paying an arm and a leg is a new roof. With multiple types of new materials, you can easily change the feel and composition of your home by applying a new roof or even just ord…Read More

  8. Customizing Your Roofing Project: Materials

    When you first determine that you need a new roof, you’re probably not very thrilled. But there are now plenty of really interesting types of shingles and materials that can make your entire home look new without having to give your home an entire facelift. Like a new haircut, this new roof has the potential to make your home look fresh and new without too much elbow grease. There are many to ch…Read More

  9. What is Closed Valley and Open Valley Roofing Construction?

    If you look at the roof of your house, you might take note of some details. You may acknowledge of the shape and angles, but mainly, you’ll notice it just looks like a bunch of shingles to you. You’re not a specialist—you don’t have to know anything else about roofs other than how to spot a leak and find someone to repair it. However, when hiring a roofing contractor, you might want to und…Read More

  10. Home Improvement Trends In 2018: Roofing and More

    It’s easy to get bored of a house you’ve been in a for a long time. However, your home is as much an investment as it is a place to live. Thus, keeping it interesting and enjoyable to live in is a very wise choice. While some home improvements can be incredibly practical and add significant value to your home, others add style and interest. If you’re hoping to sell your home in a few years y…Read More