Kramer Construction understands the issues that come along with needing a roofing replacement rather than a roofing repair. Whether you had a roofing contractor diagnose your roof as terminal, or you figure it’s been over 50 years and it’s about time to invest in the upgrade, it can be daunting to sort through all of the information about roofing out there. From slate to composite slate, and from wood shakes to cement tiles comparing most roofing materials is essentially nearly impossible especially when you have no real way of estimating the cost yourself. We’ve compiled our top favorite roofing materials and how to find the most earth-friendly roofing materials around like a pro.

The Word Is Sustainability

As we progress through the 21st century, climate change and the use of our limited resources is a mounting worry for many people. When taking on a large building project or home improvement project like the kinds that Kramer Construction handles on a regular basis in Mount Pleasant, it’s important to have earth conscious decision making at the front of your mind. There’s a widely regarded, common misconception that anything labeled as “green” or earth responsible is the priciest option. While solar panel roofing tiles are expensive, choosing slate composite tiles or tiles from an architectural salvage yard, is not going to price you out of the project. There are key things to look for when you’re aiming for sustainability, and we’re happy to help folks navigate that:

Find Recycled Content

It’s pretty easy to find out if something has recycled materials in it. It’s a major marketing point for most products nowadays and you won’t have to search the box long to find that credential. Let that be a factor in how you’re making your decision and then find out if that material can be recycled again once you’re finished up with it. There’s no reason to add an entire roof’s worth of materials to the garbage pile outside of town if you don’t need to.

Be Maintenance Wise

Making sure a roofing material is durable goes a long way in ensuring you aren’t using more of it than you need to. Search for durability and recyclable contents to ensure that it’s earth smart in many respects.

Beware of Coatings

Some coating is bad for aquatic life as well as the people drinking water downstream from you. If something is coated with copper or zinc, it’ll wash into your downspout, into the water system and eventually into the bloodstream of the animals and people who live near you.

Reflective For The Win

The color and reflective nature of your roofing can save you money on your energy bill, and bring down your carbon footprint as a whole. Since South Carolina sees plenty of sun, you’ll want a lighter color or a roofing material with high reflectivity to bounce that heat away from the house so you aren’t blasting that air conditioner quite as much as you could be.

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