Kramer Construction’s roofing contractor team is famous for our excellent performance and beautiful looks at an affordable price. Our asphalt shingles check every box on your wish list when replacing or installing a roof. Kramer Construction offers the Mt. Pleasant and Charleston areas our superior knowledge and craftsmanship for selecting and installing asphalt roofing.

Known for durability and low costs, asphalt roofs are even better with the colors, style options, and premium quality of the latest CertainTeed roofing products. Kramer Construction proudly installs and replaces asphalt roofs as a CertainTeed Shingle Master roofing company.

Asphalt Roofing Installation

Expert installation of an asphalt roofing shingles leads to longer lifespan, lower maintenance, and more attractive results. Kramer Construction has been installing asphalt roofs for decades in the South Carolina Low Country. Our crews are specifically trained to work with premium CertainTeed roofing shingles to ensure perfect results down to the finest details.

Asphalt roof installation from Kramer Construction ensures a level of quality you won’t find in other roofing companies. Our expertise produces better results in everything from the underlayment to ventilation and all the other important aspects of a strong, low-maintenance roof.

Our selection of CertainTeed asphalt roofing includes dozens of colors and style options. From the most basic and traditional to heavy-duty performance products, Kramer Construction can help you choose the right asphalt roofing shingles for your unique home.

Asphalt Roofing Replacement

All roofs eventually need replacement, and being a coastal community, we see our fair share of storm damage and weather-related problems that require roof replacement. Kramer Construction can ensure that your next asphalt roof will be installed with expert craftsmanship to last even longer than the previous roof.

When you need new asphalt roofing, we can remove the old roof and dispose of all materials properly. Then we survey your house’s roofing system to determine if any repairs or upgrades need to be made for the new roof to be properly ventilated and better prepared to withstand weather and aging.

Kramer Construction is licensed to install the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System, which ensures that the asphalt roof works in conjunction with the underlayment and architecture to perform at optimum levels for as long as possible.

Re-Shingling Service

We also provide asphalt re-shingling to replace, repair, or upgrade your home’s roofing. Age, weathering, and outdated roofing materials may be hurting your home’s curb appeal and reducing its energy efficiency.

New asphalt roofing can significantly outperform many of the older types of asphalt shingles found on homes. We install CertainTeed shingles that are thicker, stronger, and available in more colors and varieties. Whether you want a dark brown wood appearance or a light cedar shake look, we have beautiful and high-performance options for you.

Contact Us To Get Your New Roof

Jim Kramer and the team at Kramer Construction bring over 20 years’ experience to the Charleston area. We’re known for installing affordable, premium-quality asphalt roofing that withstands the Carolina storms and the test of time. Contact us today to find out about asphalt roof installation or replacement for your home.