1. The Low-Down On Solar Power Roofing

    Solar roofing makes us all feel like we live in the future. There’s something special about driving by a home or business with solar panels all over the roof that just makes the air smell fresher and everyone feel greener. If it has a bolstering effect just walking by, think of how rewarding it is to put your green foot forward and get a solar paneled roof for your own home? It’s worth more th…Read More

  2. A Guide to Considering Skylights and Roof Windows – Part 3

    Contemplating an addition to your home? One of the biggest potential sellers and improvements for every home is natural lighting. Installing fresh windows into a room essentially means shutting off that room entirely until the work is done which depends on two factors, your funds and the workman’s desire to get it done sooner rather than later. So how do you tap into more natural lighting in you…Read More

  3.  Charleston Roofing Innovations: Flat Roofing Systems Part 2

    Flat roofs can be extremely charming on your Charleston home. They can double as patios and have significant longevity to offer. In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits of the BUR option which is the oldest flat roofing option. But this is not the only option available for flat-roofed homes. After some discontentment with our previously mentioned method, there came modified bitumen in the …Read More