1. A Guide to Considering Skylights and Roof Windows – Part 2

    If you’ve been pondering how a skylight would affect your Mount Pleasant home, we’re here to enlighten you. As your resident roofing experts, we’re totally familiar with the kind of roofing environment you’d need in the first place to be able to have a skylight and we understand why you’d want to have one. Letting in more natural light helps your interior space look sharper, with clearer…Read More

  2. A Guide to Considering Skylights and Roof Windows

    If you live in Mount Pleasant, you’re familiar with all of the little architectural flairs folks add to their homes. From columns to make their house more antebellum in style to their home to crown molding in the living room, southerners are known for putting emphasis on the classic beauty of our architecture. The tradition probably stems from the old southern style that started the trend of ent…Read More

  3. The Key To Sustainable Roofing In Mount Pleasant – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Kramer Construction blog. We’re proud to offer you a new look at the sustainable and durable options for your Mount Pleasant home’s roof. In our previous blog, we explored the ideas behind metal and clay tile roofing. In the following blog, we’ll start to evaluate the durability and therefore feasibility of how worthy a material is for your roofing system. Evaluate The Ma…Read More

  4. The Key To Sustainable Roofing In Mount Pleasant

    If you’re looking into getting a new roof, you’re probably overwhelmed. There’s no planning for the financial burden of a new roof, there’s just suddenly needing one. Even starting to think about re-roofing can be a daunting prospect. Your roof is a highly visible portion of your house, so if you’re hoping to put your home on the market any time soon, you’ll need to put that money firs…Read More

  5. Responsible, Sustainable Charleston Roofing

    At Kramer Construction, we understand the importance of finding a roofing material that you believe in. You’ll have to believe in the power of its longevity, believe it’ll do the architecture justice. Apart from painting your house, your roof will be one of the more visible pieces that make up the composition of your home’s exterior. It’s a decision that takes a little more consideration t…Read More

  6. What is Closed Valley and Open Valley Roofing Construction?

    If you look at the roof of your house, you might take note of some details. You may acknowledge of the shape and angles, but mainly, you’ll notice it just looks like a bunch of shingles to you. You’re not a specialist—you don’t have to know anything else about roofs other than how to spot a leak and find someone to repair it. However, when hiring a roofing contractor, you might want to und…Read More

  7. How to Estimate Roofing Costs

    If your roof has made it to twenty years old, you should be congratulated! Either that or you may want to take the time to double check that nothing has gone wrong. The typical asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of about twenty years, but that can vary pretty widely depending on local climate and weather events. So, if your roof has made it all the way to twenty, that’s a pretty awesome accompl…Read More

  8. Roofing Repairs: Why You Should Never DIY

    After a storm with strong winds, pounding rain, or hail sweeps through, it’s always a good idea to check over your roof. A stray branch can pretty easily break a tile or knock shingles loose. From there, if the underlayment is damaged or left exposed too long, you could be left with one little leak that ultimately creates extensive damage to your roof and potentially the structure of your home. …Read More

  9. Roofing Issues: Signs of Trouble

    During the winter, does it feel impossible to keep your home cool, or does your air conditioning bill skyrocket each summer? Do you have issues with paint bubbling or an unsightly stain creeping across your ceiling? When your roof falls into disrepair, it can wreak havoc throughout your home’s internal structure. Unfortunately, without getting up on your roof regularly, a lot of roofing issues c…Read More

  10. Asphalt, Metal, or Wood? Choosing Roofing Materials

    Your roof is what stands between you and the elements. Here in Charleston, we really aren’t likely to see any massive blizzards, but imagine what it would be like to go to sleep with a clear, starry sky overhead and wake up to rain pouring down on top of you. Of course, this is a totally overblown example, but our roofs protect us from so much—and not only that, they protect the rest of the ho…Read More